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About Us

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KingdomKreatives.Com is owned and operated by Melanie West and associates. Our primary aim is to use our creative talents for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God; promoting the message of God's LOVE, simply and creatively; and helping clients, locally and abroad, to present their events, ministries, and businesses in a positive light through print and digital design, technical and administrative support services.


With a focus on event flyers, we also offer additional design tools for event marketing, business awareness, and companion tools that help promote each client's message.

We service clients in the DMV metropolitan area, as well as throughout the United States through the far reaches of the internet. We seek to provide solutions and services for our clients that are affordable, timely and creative, while adhering to standards of integrity, excellence and dependability.


Let's create something together!

Our Purpose

To convey and promote the message of God's LOVE to the masses, simply and creatively...

Visually enhancing your image is our goal.

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