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Love Check - Book Cover - Chosen FRONT -

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LOVE CHECK: How Do You Measure Up?


Imagine what a world FULL of love would look like... The phrase "I love you" is tossed around quite loosely at times, but that love hits different when it's real. This book will challenge you to take a closer look at yourself and others through the eyes of Love. You'll discover what real love looks like, feels like, sounds like, acts like - and ways to improve your love walk. You'll discover some wisdom for the ages that only comes from God, experience and proven insight from those who have walked the walk and talked the talk. Go on a journey with me as we delve deeper into this wonder called Love. 

"Such a 'blessed work' on Agape Love...the author makes it so surreal in the creative writing and delivery until you don't want to put the book to rest."


~Altheria W. Jones, DMin

Also Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million
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